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…and welcome to The How-To Dog Blog.  This blog is designed to answer all your questions about dogs and do so in an easy to understand, lighthearted way.  I’m Scott, a professional dog trainer and yes, I enjoy making shamelessly staged dog selfies.  That’s Goose; you can see that she truly enjoys said selfies. 🙂

So, a lot of us have dogs, and some have one too many…thats right, I’m talking to you crazy lady at the stoplight yesterday.  One more German Shepherd in that car and she would have drowned in dog slobber. #nojudgment

According to the APPA* (non-profit trade organization) there are over 75 million dogs owned by almost 55 million households in the US.  And the pet industry as a whole is valued around $62 billion (with a B) annually.

So needless to say there is a ton of information out there about dogs from TV, YouTube, Social Media, and dare I say; word of mouth?  It’s a bit overwhelming for the regular dog owner that just wants their dog to be a good member of the household. If you need training advice, communication tips, what to feed, how to socialize, where to take them, and how understand dogs–this is your blog.

I will have guest bloggers share their knowledge and expertise in their field.  I will cover topics that folks send to me via the contact page.  And I will give you the honest truth about dogs and dog ownership…even if it’s ruff.

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