Grooming at The Pet Station Country Club includes the following services:

Nail Trim

Nail trims are important for the comfort and health of your dog. Did you know nails that are too long can hit against the pavement or hard surface of a floor and exert force back into the nail bed? Not only is this uncomfortable for your dog, it can cause the joints of the foreleg to realign.

Bath Time

We want to send your pet home smelling fresh and feeling great! To be sure we get even the hidden dirt that may be trapped in the undercoat of most dogs, we offer a minimum of two baths. Dogs with an oily coat or ones who especially love to romp around in the dirt may even need more baths or a special shampoo.

Sanitary Service

The only thing you should be express-ing is yourself. Leave the rest of the dirty work to us. Anal glands are usually expressed during bowel movements. However, if that doesn’t occur naturally, these glands can fill up and become irritated or even infected. Our trained bathers and groomers can express the anal glands for your dog, if necessary.

Ear Cleaning

Keep ‘em clean to keep ‘em perking up! We wipe dirt and debris out of the ears leaving no room for bacteria to grow. This gets the ears fresh and clean in order to prevent foul odors and infection.

Clean and Trim Pads

Slipping and sliding is great for summer parties! But not for your pet. Dogs with longer hair can grow long hair on the feet and inside of their pads; this is called interdigital hair. Interdigital hair can catch lots of dirt and debris, cause your pet to slide around and also tends to mat, leading to pain and discomfort for your dog. It is important to keep these areas cleaned out and trimmed up.

Blow Dry

Blow drys can get your pet feeling paw-sitively fabulous after a bath by getting all the excess moisture out of the coat and helping to force out loose hair. A proper blow dry also helps to prep your dog for grooming and prevents the musty smell that wet dogs tend to have.

Brush Out/Furminating

You could try to pass off the pet hair on your clothes as an accessory – or you could give this amazing service a try! Furminating is a process that removes the undercoat and reduces shedding. For long-haired dogs, this is the prep to their haircut. For short-haired dogs, they will get brushed out before they are furminated.


For dogs that need haircuts, we give them what you ask for. Some people want the true breed cut, some want the puppy cut and some people make up their own styles. We are here to accommodate your wishes. From mohawks to a schnauzer cut on a poodle, our groomers can do it all!
We understand that because every pet is unique, grooming needs may vary based on your pet’s breed, coat, size and temperament. Please give us a call for grooming and bathing pricing customized for your pet’s needs.