Nail Filing

We offer nail grinding for those who prefer nail grinding to nail trimming, or as a follow-up after trimming. Nail grinding leaves the end of the nail smoother and prevents splintering.

Nail Trim

No appointment necessary.  Stop in and one of our experienced groomers will work your dog into the schedule.

Teeth Brushing

While teeth brushing doesn’t take the place of the extensive cleaning performed by your vet, this helps reduce tartar buildup and keeps breath smelling fresh.

Pad Clean-Up

Sometimes the hair between your dog’s pads can cause them to slip on the hardwood.  By trimming the hair, it allows your dog to get better traction.  This is great for all dogs, especially dogs with arthritis.

Specialty Shampoos

We offer specialty shampoos for your pup depending on their needs. Some dogs have skin dryness or irritations that can benefit from special shampoos that focus on the specific problem, or depending on the coat of your dog, you might choose a brightening shampoo that helps whites look whiter.

Flea Bath

Fleas can happen even to the best of them. Even though those pesky fleas can find their way onto even the cleanest dogs, never fear! We can help you get rid of them. We use special shampoos to get rid of fleas completely.


Yes, we can get rid of that terrible smell! It’s unfortunate if your pet has been sprayed, but fortunately we have the right shampoos to get rid of the odor.


Does your dog need some extra sparkle? We can add “fancy” to any dog. We have extra-special bows and rhinestone “tattoos”. Interested? Find out what else we can do when you talk to our groomers.

Brush out/De-shedding

You wouldn’t believe the hair and mats hiding in your dog’s coat.  If you want to see less hair on your floors, come in for a de-shedding service.  Those undercoats are beasts!  If you want to keep your dogs long hair silky and tangle free, you may need a professional brush-out in between your regular grooming appointment.


Some dog’s coats tangle and mat easier than others’. These tangles can start out small, but if not attended to, can get so tight that it pulls the dog’s skin and becomes very irritated. And if it gets too bad, the only way to remove the mat is to shave the coat. We recommend frequent brushing to prevent these mats from happening. If they do start to happen, we are happy to help prevent it from getting worse. And don’t forget to ask your groomer what kind of brush is recommended for your dog’s coat.

Face Trim

To keep their beard clean and fresh and to make sure they are able to see past their eyebrows, we offer al a carte face trims.  You can schedule these in between grooming appointments .



Have questions about our À La Carte services or ready to schedule an appointment? Give us a call.

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