Below is a list of commonly asked questions by our pet parents. Don’t see an answer to your question? Just give us call, we’d love to help!

Do I need to make a Reservation for Boarding or Grooming?

YES. We want to make sure we have a room (or grooming table) available for you. Make sure to reserve your spot early especially for the busy season (holidays and vacation times). We always run out of space during these times so don’t forget!

Do vaccinations fully prevent my pet from getting sick?

NO.  No communicable disease in pets is fully preventable, including the flu virus which has hit Louisville hard.  We make every effort to keep infectious viruses from entering our facility, but we cannot fully prevent it.  Vaccines do however help your pet’s immune system to reduce the effects of viruses and help prevent the spread of them.

Here is some more information regarding the Canine Influenza Virus.

What are your holiday hours?

We are closed to the public for the following holidays:  New Year’s Day / Memorial Day / Independence Day / Labor Day / Thanksgiving Day / Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve hours: 8am – 1pm

Are deposits for boarding required?

YES.  Under normal circumstances, a reservation for a dog requires a deposit of $50 and for cats, the deposit is $30. We ask that you give us 72-hour notice of cancellation or 30 day notice during holiday times so that we can refund your deposit. If the cancellation is within the 72-hour time frame the deposit will not be refunded, but remain on your account as a credit for future use.

If my pet is boarding, should I bring their food from home?

YES.  Staying away from home is tough.  Having food you never eaten before is tougher.  We want your pet to be as happy as possible and their digestive track will thank you by bringing individually bagged pre-portioned meals for them.  Our house food is Hills Sensitive Stomach which is a highly digestible food, should your pup run out during their stay.

Do I REALLY have to bag their food into individual portions?

YES.  We are very serious about the health and happiness of your pet while they’re on vacation, and feeding them the correct amount is a must.  You’d be surprised what ‘one cup’ or ‘one scoop’ means to different people!  If you prefer not to individually portion their food, we will do so when you arrive at a cost of $.50/meal added at check-out.

What should I bring at check-in?

  • Vaccination Records- Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all the required vaccinations. We take the health of our pets very seriously, and can under no circumstances accept pets without the proof of the proper vaccinations.
  • Personal belongings- please only bring one small blanket or towel that smells like home, and one or two toys.
  • It’s best to bring your own food to help with your pets digestion. Please bring pre-portioned meals in individual bags.
  • Medication – We will administer medication for your pet at no charge.  Please bring pill pockets to administer oral medication.

What should I NOT bring at check-in?

  • Large tubs and bags of food.  We don’t have enough storage space to accommodate.
  • Food and water bowls- we’ve got them covered with raised feeders.
  • Large beds or blankets.  We have raised Kuranda beds with fleece toppers to keep them cozy.
  • A multitude of bones or chew toys; one or two is plenty!
  • Everything but the kitchen sink; we want your pet to have a vacation with us and spend time in activities, not with things.

What If my pet gets sick and needs to go to the Vet during their stay?

If your pet has a pre existing condition or becomes ill and needs medical attention we will try to notify you and your emergency contact. We will do our best to use your pet’s personal veterinarian, but if circumstances warrant, we will do whatever necessary to ensure their health including the use of a mobile veterinarian. For full details on this, please read our pet agreement when you register in our system.

Can I come tour your facility before bringing my pet?

ABSOLUTELY! We love our facility and are always open to giving you a look around. No need to make an appointment, just stop by anytime we’re open!

What Vaccines do I need for my pet?

Check out this link for a full view of what vaccinations are needed to get started at The Pet Station Country Club.

What sets The Country Club apart from other pet facilities?

We were the first boarding facility in the entire country to become Heroes for Healthy Pets certified!  This means we are trained in best practices to help prevent and manage infectious diseases to help keep your pet healthy.  Experts agree that the best way to combat this growing risk is through education and proactive healthcare for dogs. A better understanding of infectious diseases and preventative care, including strategic vaccination, and cleaning and disinfection protocols can help.

We have pledged to uphold the Heroes for Healthy PetsTM Disease Management Certification Program’s standards. Our first priority will always be the health and safety of pets, and our certified status is an example of our strong commitment to clients.

What is Capstar and why is it given to every pet boarding at The Pet Station Country Club?

Capstar is a flea killer. Universal administration minimizes any chance that your pet will be exposed to fleas, both in the facility and through transmission from other dogs or cats. As it is administered orally, it does not conflict with your pet’s regular flea preventative.  Capstar can be administered once daily if a pet is brought in infested with fleas.  For further information click here.

Do you have webcams?

Nope. We have highly skilled staff on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. And their only mission is to ensure the health and wellness of every pet. Call us anytime to receive a full run down on your pet and you’ll receive a pic of your loved one EVERY DAY you’re gone!

Do I need to make a reservation for dog daycare?

YES. Our spaces fill up quickly and we want the chance to build our dog packs early so everyone can have a stress-free and enjoyable day. That’s why it’s important to book your pup at least once per week to help keep the packs consistent. If you would like to get started with daycare, please follow the instructions on our Getting Started page.