Our goal at The Pet Station Country Club is to get our pets looking, feeling and acting their best. Sometimes to get them acting their best, it takes a little training. It’s our philosophy that every dog, regardless of their age or issue, can become the best version of themselves with our custom training program. Much like people, dogs have unique personalities that require unique approaches, which is why we match your pet with the trainer and training style that are the right fit for them. Whether you want complete off-the-leash obedience, to solve a behavioral problem such as barking or jumping, or just want your dog to be a well-mannered member of your household, we can make it a reality with your support. Our years of training experience have taught us that in order for your pet to be successful, it’s important that you learn the proper ways to promote good behavior. Your dog is intelligent (though you already knew that!) and the key to training is finding out what motivates them to show off that intelligence. Below are the programs we offer, using positive-based balanced training, to make your dog their best self.

Board and Train

In instances where your pet needs special attention and additional training, we’re happy to customize a program in which your dog stays with us and works directly with a certified dog trainer. Typically completed over the course of a few weeks – making it a great option when you’re going on vacation – your dog will stay with us and train multiple times a day. This method is the fastest way to have your dog trained in areas that need correction. Throughout the course, we’ll send you reports on their progress. At the end of the Board and Train program, we’ll teach you how to continue and support your dog’s training using the methods learned with us. You’ll also receive a YouTube video starring your newly-trained pup and one private lesson as a follow-up to keep the skills fresh.

Group Dog Training

Puppy Training

Puppies 7 months old and younger are eligible to participate in our puppy training classes. Puppy training covers the main issues new puppy owners are challenged with, such as potty and crate training, socialization, and basic manners including sit, stay, down, and place.

Basic Obedience Training

Our group training covers the main issues most dogs face. In a group setting, you will learn to teach your dog to sit and stay, loose leash walking, to come when called, place training and a variety of other standard commands. Classes each last one hour and are held over a six-week period. For more individualized attention for each dog and owner, we limit group classes to eight dogs per class.

Advanced Obedience Training

For dogs who complete the basic course, we offer advanced obedience training. Basic obedience training graduates who transition to advanced obedience training will learn how to obey and react in real world scenarios. We’ll dive deeper into off-leash obedience, advanced commands, and managing distractions. We repeat, we CAN train them to manage distractions!

Private Dog Training

Our private lessons are based on a customized program designed specifically for you and your dog. One of the main objectives of private training is to teach you how to teach your dog. Our certified trainers work one-on-one with you and your dog on exactly the issues you want solved. We can teach you everything from basic obedience to dealing with aggression and leash reactivity. No matter the severity of the issue, we will create a training program for your dog to be successful.

Training to Make a Difference

Is your pet a rescue dog? We offer special discounts for pets who may have had it rough before they found their forever home with you, simply give us a call for details.

Have you tried other trainers or programs in the past but nothing seemed to stick? We’re confident in our ability to make a difference in your and your pet’s life, so we’re happy to take on difficult cases that others may shy away from. Our goal with training is to improve the relationship between you and your dog, and we’re excited for the opportunity to impact your lives in a positive way!

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