Some call it doggie daycare, but this isn’t your typical daycare. We focus on engagement and learning by providing a variety of fun activities that cater to your pet’s unique personality. With facilities that feature dog-centric playground equipment, huge outdoor and indoor dog parks, special canine grass and structured playtime, we create an environment where your dog can learn, play and have a great time. So whether it’s celebrating calendar holidays, throwing birthday parties or alternating activities to increase socialization, our goal is to offer a low-stress and fulfilling experience that gets and keeps your dog’s tail wagging. It’s more than daycare, it’s a daycation.

How Dog Daycation Works

We understand that pets have different needs, which is why we start with a comprehensive evaluation. We’ll learn how your pet interacts with people, relates to other dogs and what their specific needs are in order to match your pet with the perfect small group to suit their personality. At The Pet Station Country Club, we limit group sizes to no more than 15 dogs and pair them with dedicated staff members to ensure a low-stress environment for your pet. Each of our staff members are thoroughly-trained to handle dogs of all types and personalities so you’ll never have to worry about your pet getting the care and love they deserve.**

**All pets over 8 months of age must be neutered or spayed to participate in group play.

Luxury Lounge Daycation

Ready to treat your small dog* to a day of luxury in our special lounge?  Luxury Lounge Daycation is unlike any other.  During this time, your companion is romping around off-leash with all small dogs in their own living room setting and private outdoor play yard.  Complete with four twin beds and a plethora of lounging options, the toughest choice your pup will make will be where to rest!

Uno Care

At The Pet Station Country Club, we have something for every pup. While we have small groups of dogs matched on their personalities, we also understand that not all dogs like to be a part of the pack, which is why we offer Uno Care. Uno Care is a customized, one-on-one program in which your pet spends time with a trained staff member playing, cuddling and enjoying the outdoors.

Tiny Dog Daycation

And for our tiny pups under fifteen pounds, we offer Tiny Dog Daycation two days a week. Please call us for additional details.

What Dog Daycation Includes

  • Drop-off drive-thru service from 7am-8am
  • Indoor/outdoor playtime with alternating activities
  • Meals, if requested
  • Playtime with friends
  • Video and photo taken during playtimes and uploaded nightly to an owner specific Facebook group, allowing you to see your pet in action and meet their friends!

Ready to treat your dog to a daycation?

To get started, please register yourself and your pet into our Pet Parent Portal.  Once you’ve completed the initial registration, you’ll see a link to fill out the Daycation Application.  Once we’ve received your application, your pup’s vaccination paperwork, and have reviewed the information, we will email you to schedule your dog’s evaluation.

Learn more here about vaccination requirements for dog daycation.

View Dog Daycare Pricing at The Pet Station Country Club.

*small dog is defined as 30lbs or less and 16 inches or under at the shoulder.