Membership Pricing Per Night

  • Private Residence:
    • Small Dog (<25lbs) – $40
      • Rooms are around 20 square feet
    • Medium Dog (26lbs-60lbs) – $44
      • Rooms can range from 22 to 35 square feet
    • Large Dog (>60lbs) – $49
      • Rooms can range from 40 to 90 square feet
  • Premium Suite – $65
  • Luxury Lounge* – $69
  • Cat Condos** – $21

For multiple family members in the same room, receive a 20% discount for the 2nd and/or 3rd dog. 

*Luxury Lounge is limited to 30 dogs. Each dog must be under 30 lbs and 16” at shoulder.  Due to the nature of the care and amenities included with the Luxury Lounge, the multiple dog discount is not applicable.
**8 Cat Condos available.

All pets are given Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets at intake to prevent fleas from ruining their stay.  A $4.50 charge per pet will appear on your final invoice.  We ask that you provide individual pre-portioned bags of food for your pet’s daily meals to prevent disruption in their diet.  If you are unable to pre-portion your pet’s food, we will provide a service to do so.  A $.50 per bag charge will appear on your final invoice for this service.  If no food is brought, we will provide your pet with our house food, Acana, and $2 charge per meal will appear on your final invoice.

Boarding check-out is by 12 PM on weekdays.  A $6 per hour late charge (not to exceed $30) will be applied to your bill if your pet is not picked up by 12 PM.  ​Check-in and check-out on weekends can be any time during business hours.

Extras and Activities

  • FaceTime for 5 Minutes – $10
  • 15-Minute Sniff Walk – $9
  • 15-Minute Cuddle – $9
  • 15-Minutes of Individual Play – $9
  • Full Day of Dog Daycation (daycare) – $22
    • 5% discount for 2nd dog
  • Individual 15 Minute Swim- $10
  • 12-inch Bully Stick – $5
  • Fro-Yo for Dogs – $6
  • Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong – $5
  • Departure Bath- $30 for small dogs, $35 for medium dogs, $40 for large dogs
    • One bath and dry session with our professional bathers to make your pet smell fresh and clean before checking out

At The Pet Station, We Promote A Culture of Respect

At The Country Club, we believe in upholding a culture of respect for our guests and members. We kindly ask for respect in return in regards to reservations. Under normal circumstances, a reservation for a dog requires a deposit of $50 and for cats, the deposit is $30. We ask that you give us 72-hour notice of cancellation so that we can refund your deposit. Notice received less than 72-hours before the day of arrival results in the deposit converting to a credit on your account to be used on a future service at The Country Club.