We are a team of pet lovers and pet owners who believe that our furry family members deserve only the best. And when we say best, we mean the best of everything – from our groomers to our atmosphere and products, we’ve carefully selected every detail to make sure your pet is well taken care of.

Our Team

Our team of bathers and groomers are full of more than love for our pets – they’re full of knowledge and passion when it comes to keeping our furry guests healthy and happy.

Our bathers are trained to feel the skin and fur as they shampoo it, meaning they can notice irregular bumps or irritations and will let you know if they suspect anything unusual. After they’ve prepped your pet for grooming, your dog is then cared for by our talented and highly-trained groomers.

Our grooming team is led by Master Groomer and Co-Owner, Adam Barr. Adam trained at the internationally-acclaimed Nash Academy in Lexington, Ky, then went on to perfect his scissoring skills at the Sepia School in Japan. Our grooming team, many of whom have also trained at Nash Academy, are constantly honing their skills by attending trainings and learning new techniques. Our groomers are also trained to be aware of the skin, coat and even behavior of your pet, so if something doesn’t seem right, they’re often the first to know and will relay that information back to you. At The Pet Station Salon and Boutique, we pride ourselves on encouraging and supporting continuous training to ensure your pet receives the best treatment, keeping them feeling good inside and out.

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Our Atmosphere

As pet owners ourselves, we’re no stranger to the shaky knees and big eyes of pets pleading to not be taken back at the vet’s office or a typical groomer, which is why we wanted both our pets and pet parents to have peace of mind when coming to The Pet Station Salon and Boutique. And how better to know your pet is being taken care of than to see it for yourself? Our facility features all glass walls so you can watch us work from the beginning of the bath to the final touches of brushing, and know that your pet has received the very best care.

We are a family-owned business founded on the belief that an open environment and educated staff are essential to building trust, especially when it comes to treating your loved ones. We are proud to provide an exceptional grooming experience that you don’t just have to see to believe – but that you actually can see! Watch your pet have the time of their life being groomed and know they’re treated with love and respect – as well as the best products available.

Our Promise to You

We treat your pets as if they’re our own because we know they’re family. We keep appointments because we know time is valuable. We use and sell only the highest-quality products because we know our pets deserve the best. We are the experts in pet care, and ensuring your pet is clean, confident and healthy is our number one priority.


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